Best Websites - Entry 2: Soundcloud

Soundcloud has been blessed to be in our second entry to the Best Websites series.
Just like last entry's Google, Soundcloud, a sort of Youtube for audio, excels due to its sheer simplicity and accessibility.

Simply search for a song or artist and you will be given said song followed by a plethora of covers and remixes of the given song or various songs and remixes made by said artist.

Simply searching for a term such as "Elvis" returns a variety of songs that are either sung by Elvis himself or simply contain the term "Elvis" in the song title.

The filters on the side bar on the left make specifying what songs you're looking for very intuitive; "I want to listen to the track 'Plastic Beach', not the entire album 'Plastic Beach', so I'll search 'Plastic Beach' and press the 'Tracks' filter on the top left."

It's these simple websites mechanics that allow Soundcloud to be so easy to use and in general, a great website for listening and searching for specific music.